Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mau Mau - Kraft (1982)

01 So weit die fusse tragen
02 Auf der jagd
03 Geradeaus
04 Alles luge
05 Rhythmus der trommel
06 Mm dub
07 Mau Mau
08 Abenteuer im all
09 Kampfjacken
10 Wie ein mann ( benimm dich )
11 Dondola


53mb, mp3 192


vic lentaigne said...

Could you send this to me somehow?
I've been looking for this album for ages!

Kolyan said...

What you mean? the download link is alive

Srta. Tuppence Beresford said...

thank you so much!!

regards from brazil

Kolyan said...

Alltime welcome!

Used Universe said...

Somethings up with the downloading the file. It's says it will take 2hrs to complete or just hangs. Tried FF or Chrome and can't seem to complete it.

Could you try loading it up on mediafire or zippyshare as an alternative.

Dying to hear this. Thanks for your blog !!