Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ledernacken and Band - Ich Will Dich Essen (I Want To Eat You) (12", 1984)

A Ich Will Dich Essen (I Want To Eat You)
B1 Wie Ein Hund / I'm A Dog
B2 Amok (Dub-Gruntstylee)(Remix Mike Kamins)

basarab, Aug 23, 2008 This is one of the best/worst singles of the late 20th century. I'm sure it wasn't planned that way but that's how it turned out. More monkey/typewriter/time than inspiration, no doubt, but who cares.
Like many other young men listening to one particular John Peel show some 25 years ago I made a failed resolution to buy this knowing if I didn't I would have a memory-flash 25 years later to seek it out at all costs. this happened today: furious googling revealed only other seekers and not answers. We all remembered the lyric 'ich will...' but got sidetracked by thinking it was by Die Toten Hosen. shame on us for eliding 'leder' and 'hosen' in our post-sound-of-music psyches and getting confused....
anyway; it still ROCKS and some! This is one of those tunes that you really musn't assess by who made it just LISTEN to it and will KNOW


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