Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hazel O'Connor - Breaking Glass (1980)

01 Writing On The Wall
02 Monsters In Disguise
03 Come Into The Air
04 Big Brother
05 Who Needs It
06 Will You
07 Eighth Day
08 Top Of The Wheel
09 Calls The Tune
10 Blackman
11 Give Me An Inch
12 If Only




Museum Of Sleep said...

hi! could you please reupload this?

Kolyan said...


Kevin said...

do u have the "singular collection" the best of hazel o'connor? looking everywhere! thx.

the saucer people said...

link down alert! for Breaking Glass soundtrack. I was just a little too young to get into the cinema at the time though I was certainly aware of the film as there was a lot of hype around it if I remember correctly.

Have watched it a few times over the years and it is actually a very enjoyable film (some acute over-acting aside!)with some incredibly cool music as the soundtrack captures well....ahh how many people listen to 'Will You' and have poignant memories of first loves and first infatuations.....I never ever thought I would ever have imagined a time when growing up in the 70s and 80s was actually a relatively ok time (of course if you were poor, dsyfunctional or belonged to the two thirds of the non-western world then maybe your experiences differed of course) when compared to the full spectrum simulation that we currently inhabit....