Sunday, August 9, 2009

The New-emerging things of Socialism are fine- Songs (China, 70s)

01 Chairman Mao leads us as we press ahead
02 Loudly we sing in the party's praise
03 The new emerging things of socialism are fine
04 Our theory study contingents are growing
05 Our furnace team leader's reading by lamplight
06 A school graduate returns to hsiang yang village
07 I am the sprout, the party springrain
08 Old Li of Bygone days come back
09 Grandma Chang goes to theatre to see song of the dragon river
10 What a lot of new things in our team
11 The cooperative medical service blooms like a flower
12 Socialist compounds are a blossoming
13 Onward with the banner of proletarian dictatorship flying high

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Chiarina said...

Argh, please post this again or fix the link! I really really would love to hear this! C x

Kolyan said...

Sorry, Chiarina, i just seen your ask, here's it, welcome

Chiarina said...

Awesome!!!!! Thank you so much! :-) :-) :-)