Sunday, August 9, 2009

VA - Trans Europa (A Swiss - Swedish Techno-Compilation)(1989)

A1 Touch El Arab Civil War (4:35)
A2 Next Generation Homage (4:36)
A3 Séance Pillion (3:55)
A4 Carlos Perón A Dirty Song (Steel Version) (5:00)
A5 Swamp Terrorists Old Greyhound (2:57)
A6 Lunettes Noir In Case Of... (3:53)
B1 Dead Eyes Open Marilyn (3:33)
B2 Scapa Flow Servant (3:18)
B3 Cat Rapes Dog Schizophrenia (5:34)
B4 Tolchock 14 The Black Plague (4:51)
B5 Sepülchre Inc. Celebration (4:25)


the saucer people said...

Nearly two years old and the link is still working! Thats Mediafire for ya!!

Many thanks for such a rare compilation, there are some amazing tracks on the album such as the ex Yello man Carlos Peron's 'A Dirty Song' remix.

From the origins of New Beat and EBM back in the mid-eighties to around 1992 there was so much wonderful creative music around and then the corporate media took notice and all of a sudden this great undifferentiated flow of electronic music was channeled off into various genres with specific sounds and tropes before spending the next twenty years forever bifurcating into more and more sub-genres until we arrive at crunkstep and witch house!

A great and original share, I am surprised this has not been reposted on other blogs with no reference to where they got it ;)

Kolyan said...

Thanx a lot,
I'll try to re-upload it iwth a better sound